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25 West 64th Street Apt. 7D
New York, NY, 10023


Our vision is to become one of the leading music festivals in all of Latin America. We aim to use classical music and its power of expression to nourish the souls and open the minds of people of all ages and backgrounds. Our music will break down existing barriers and contribute to a universal humanity and better tomorrow.


Who we are

Dear Friends of New Docta,

It is our pleasure to welcome you to our New Docta community!

We started New Docta convinced that our music will break down barriers, contribute to a universal humanity, and lead to a better tomorrow.  We believe that classical music and its power of expression has the potential to open the minds and nourish the souls of people of all ages and backgrounds.  Harnessing this power, New Docta uses music to connect the people of the United States, Argentina, and Latin America. We do this by performing concerts, teaching students, providing opportunities for cultural and educational exchange, and inspiring any and all those who make up our diverse and vibrant communities.

New Docta’s main event is its annual International Festival, which takes place between August and September in Cordoba and Buenos Aires.  In any given year, the festival showcases a schedule packed with world-class performances, educational concerts, master classes, and community events in partnership with local hospitals, sports clubs, cultural organizations, and universities.  We seek to thrill our audiences and to push our students towards ever higher goals. Most of all, we thrive on introducing classical music to new audiences, with particular emphasis on the youth and underprivileged. Feeling the passion of children experiencing live music -- many of them for the first time -- is truly heartwarming.

New Docta is much more than its annual festival; we produce similar inspiring events year-round in partnership with leading conservatories, music festivals, concert halls, and cultural organizations in the US, Argentina and abroad.  Our international roster of artists serves as ambassadors of our mission wherever they teach and perform. More specifically, New Docta provides scholastic opportunities for emerging South American talent to study in the US. We share the music and cultural traditions of Argentina with US audiences and provide the space and tools for artists from all over the world to connect and create social impact.        

We long for a world in which we sing each other’s songs, we listen to one another, and we all feel we belong together, no matter where we come from.  As we continue to work towards that beautiful vision, we hope you can join our cause. Only in working together will we be able to use music to break down barriers and connect the people of the United States, Argentina, and Latin America for a better tomorrow.


Sami, Solange, and Yves

Co-Founders and Executive Directors

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